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The current revolutionary industry of COMMODITIES DIGITAL SERVICES FINTECH NEOBANK has brought countless consumer abuses and non-compliance with legality, large platforms have been operating even without the required operating licenses by the European community, the United States, among others.

For this and other reasons, ELITE BANK USA has as a top priority the respect for its members as well as compliance with global regulations in any hemisphere where ELITE BANK USA has presence.

There is a great scourge that paradoxically in the digital world due to its reach and contemporaneity should be mitigated; we are referring to customer service to our allied members, where for many FINTECH platforms it seems not to be of importance, for ELITE BANK USA it is our vital priority, this is why we have multitudinous and intelligent software surveillance tools 24/7, access to non-robotic personalized chats, a robust customer service through phone calls, and especially what makes us unique, a YouTube channel where you will constantly have information about products, understanding and handling of the same, news from the daring FINTECH NEOBANK world that impacts your benefit, all of the above, managed by the most modern and up-to-date artificial intelligence with our own avatars and in your preferred language.


ELITE BANK USA, a FINTECH NEOBANK platform has directed its efforts towards prioritizing the easy and versatile management of its products, especially for the access and understanding of ZALPHA (Z) older generations, which inherently have a different approach engraved in their DNA. ELITE BANK USA facilitates their communion with the digital world in all its manifestations. ELITE BANK USA with its robust team of professionals, corporate board, and executives, including the CEO, provides educational seminars, clear guidance, and accurate information. This is further enhanced by the unique YouTube channel owned by a FINTECH NEOBANK, managed by the latest high-tech artificial intelligence. Detailed and comprehensible explanations are provided to all products in the FINTECH industry, along with everyday tools. Constant news updates from the COMMODITIES DIGITAL SERVICES world and a comprehensive practical menu are also available. Above all, we are aiming to visualize your involvement as a member of ELITE BANK USA once you have acquired the necessary basic knowledge and subsequently, sufficient knowledge to enjoy the tremendous economic results brought by this revolutionary digital era.

ELITE BANK USA, with its FINTECH NEOBANK platform, has chosen the Western hemisphere and its major cities in each country for its initial focus, to provide information and knowledge to these other generations. We are referring to citizens over 30 years old and beyond. These individuals were being neglected and not involved, as they were not given the opportunity to access the FINTECH NEOBANK world. However, for ELITE BANK USA, these generations, like all others, are a priority and make their majestic entrance to be part of it. Because undoubtedly, you also want to be a part of this modern technology-driven resource model and enjoy its economic benefits and reach. It can be as simple as our slogan suggests: "Your financial future is in your hands and in the hands of ELITE BANK USA"

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¨Welcome to the ELITE BANK USA FINTECH NEOBANK y/o COMMODITIES DIGITAL SERVICES community¨. We offer you a unique strategy to benefit you as a member.

At ELITE BANK USA, we want you to get the most out of our products, such as our APP (APPLICATION), DEBIT CARD, VIRTUAL WALLET, NFT, CRYPTO EBUT, LEVELS AND COMMUNITY as well as our incredible course called “LEVELS”. All these tools are meant to offer you tangible financial opportunities.

Learn more and join our COMMUNITY by visiting https://youtube.com/@elitebankusa. Find resources and guidance to be an active part of the ELITE BANK USA COMMUNITY.

We reward your participation and leadership! By participating and commercializing our products, you will receive commissions, among others, and the opportunity to become a certified LEADER by ELITE BANK USA.

"Your financial future is in your hands and in those of ELITE BANK USA"


ELITE BANK USA, a FINTECH NEOBANK and/or COMMODITIES DIGITAL SERVICES platform, has created a product modality for its members, called LEVELS. Our sole purpose as a revolutionary platform in the FINTECH NEOBANK industry is to integrate the older generations with those aged 27 and above who also wish to be part of this coveted DIGITAL FINANCIAL WORLD. Unfortunately, no other global and recognized platform in the current market has considered including these generations for them to benefit from great financial results.

For ELITE BANK USA, these generations are a priority. Whether they have basic knowledge or none, ELITE BANK USA, through its LEVELS product, will educate them until they acquire the extensive knowledge needed to easily engage and become active members of our platform. With the LEVELS product, in just a few hours through expert officials from ELITE BANK USA, you can overcome challenges and earn a diploma in your name, signed by the CEO President of ELITE BANK USA, validating your knowledge, and enabling you enjoy all the benefits.

Visit our YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/@elitebankusa for an introduction, and if you prefer, you can register for LEVELS to access the certified course.

"Your financial future is in your hands and in the hands of ELITE BANK USA"


ELITE BANK USA, a FINTECH NEOBANK and/or COMMODITIES DIGITAL SERVICES, will take unique leadership among all major and minor platforms in the global FINTECH NEOBANK industry, and will be committed to constantly educating its members, keeping them at the forefront of changes in regulations and the management of current and future products. This includes members who already have sufficient knowledge and those who are just starting out and aspire to be part of this DIGITAL FINANCIAL WORLD.

This mentioned EDUCATION will be based on three main pillars that are always available to you:

#1 LEVELS COURSE is part of the products offered by ELITE BANK USA. You can go to the menu and look for LEVELS. There, you will find sufficient information for your understanding.

#2 ELITE BANK USA'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL, that you can access for free at any time. This channel offers you a comprehensive menu to navigate through vast information about the products we offer, constant news related to this industry, all managed by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITH AVATARS that speak your language (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and others). With the DIGITAL and VIRTUAL reach we provide, with just one click, you will have access to all the information you need on any device you use, such as phones, tablets, and PCs.

#3 EDUCATIONAL AUDITORIUM SEMINARS. These seminars are organized and conducted by the CORPORATE BOARD of executives from ELITE BANK USA, and sometimes even by its CEO President. These seminars will expand your knowledge and will be available in the near future in cities across all countries in the Western Hemisphere. They have been created and/or designed to deliver personalized, up-to-date knowledge and insights about ELITE BANK USA FINTECH NEOBANK and/or COMMODITIES DIGITAL SERVICES. Additionally, if you prefer, there is the possibility of obtaining a CERTIFICATION signed and issued by ELITE BANK USA for your participation in these comprehensive seminars, where you can also become part of the ELITE BANK USA community and its profitability.

"Your financial future is in your hands and in the hands of ELITE BANK USA"

By the CEO

The digital banking, commonly known as FINTECH NEOBANK with all its derivatives and products such as digital debit cards, Virtual Wallets, Crypto currency, and NFTs, among the most recognized ones, has captured global attention in recent years and is here to stay. Without a doubt, in the immediate future and even at present, traditional banking is obligatorily migrating to this daring digital financial world. Governments worldwide are constantly legislating for clear reasons, resorting to major efforts and regulations to mitigate unduly practices such as embezzlement, money laundering, terrorism´ sponsorship, tax evasion, among many others. Paradoxically, it seems to be an industry that, due to its complexity, is recent and generational, where only Generation Z - ZALPHA, individuals who are 27 years old or younger, intrinsically have immediate access to knowledge, therefore they have a preference and boldness in this magnificent financial world that is filled with numerous possibilities for economic growth.

ELITE BANK USA, the leading global FINTECH platform, is unique of its kind for having products such as a hybrid NFT of my creation with a pending patent. I have a very clear purpose, which is to educate all generations, regardless of age or knowledge, so that they can be part of the achievements and benefits that this industry offers, and not just only a tiny part of the population can enjoy the privileges. That's why I have created a YouTube channel with artificial intelligence and avatars owned by us in design to constantly educate in knowledge through videos, diagrams, news, product strategies, and suggestions regarding the products our ELITE BANK USA community offers. Additionally, on this webpage, you will find a product we have named "LEVELS." As you acquire knowledge, you will be able to determine your level, allowing you to make wise decisions and even engage in investment, buying and selling NFTs from ELITE BANK USA or our private CRYPTO MONEY called EBUT, and involve yourself in this coveted financial world.



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